What your vote meant: An open letter to family & friends who voted Republican in 2016

I’m amazed I got to 46, had the life experiences I’ve had, and still managed to be that hopeful and optimistic. Then November 8, 2016 happened. Now, I just feel betrayed.


What’s on order for the week of 4/10/2017: Syria, Russia, and the UNFP or Using Horrible Events to Cover Up Horrible Actions

Another week, another shot at the GOP shell game. While we were mourning the dead in Syria (rightfully so) and ogling the “rocket’s red glare” of those 59 Tomahawks (come on people, didn’t we get enough of nighttime missile launch shots in 2003?), the GOP was busy.

HR985, the death of the class action lawsuit, & Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

No. That's not the beginning of an independent film or a boring joke. It's frightening reality. The Republican party, led by a xenophobic narcissist, is promoting a bill (HR 985) that will gut the people's (that's all of us) ability to bring class action lawsuits before the courts. Why now? Ever heard of President Trump’s Muslim... Continue Reading →

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