What’s on Order: Safe, Sane, and Consensual Political Discourse, Taking a Lesson from the Sex-Positive, Kink Community

My problem: How do I have these difficult political conversations without turning into a rage beast or having a panic attack? My solution is to borrow some wisdom from the kinkier side of the bedroom.


HR985, the death of the class action lawsuit, & Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

No. That's not the beginning of an independent film or a boring joke. It's frightening reality. The Republican party, led by a xenophobic narcissist, is promoting a bill (HR 985) that will gut the people's (that's all of us) ability to bring class action lawsuits before the courts. Why now? Ever heard of President Trump’s Muslim... Continue Reading →

Murrow Indian Children’s Home (of Indoctrination)

This great article by The Godless Fox is about the ways a Christan org. is working to tear apart Native American families, not unlike the way whites in Australia broke apart Aboriginal families by taking custody of Aboriginal children.

The Godless Fox

 The Murrow Indian Children’s Home site claims their mission is to“provide a safe nurturing environment, spiritual foundation, and cultural experiences to Native American Children in crisis.” But they refused a much-needed donation from an Atheist group on the grounds that “it would go against everything they believe in.” 

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Here’s Hoping We Don’t Get Fooled Again

This is the umpteenth time that Trump’s campaign as tried to roll out a new version of Trump, who stays on message and keeps all that nasty hate tamped down until after the election. I don’t buy it and neither should anyone else. Dust away the stage trimmings and it’s the same Trump, as Pete Townsend said, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

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